Body Hair Transplant

Body hair can be separated into two categories: beard hair and the rest of the body. Beard hair is rarely in the resting phase whereas other parts of the body may exhibit up to 60% of the hairs in the resting phase. Beard hairs usually grow as single hair units, but on rare occasions a two-hair group may be noted. Only those with a thick beard will have multiple two hair groups. Beard hairs tend to grow at a much more rapid rate and for a longer duration than other forms of body hair. This is why individuals are often able to grow beards that are quite long. Beard hair transplants are far more consistent and will produce a yield typically between 60% and 100%.

Benefits of Hair Transplantation

  • BHT is only added when we are unable to extract more hairs from the scalp.
  • Other areas include the chest hairs, pubic hairs, axillary hairs and rarely hairs on the limbs.