Our Clinic

It is dedicated centre for cosmetic surgery and hair transplantation. Ours is the State of Art hair transplant centre at the heart of the city. The clinic is equipped with high-tech operation theatre, state of the art microscopes for Cutting and slivering of hairs, best indoor facilities. All the machines instruments and device installed in the clinic are of highest standards thus guaranteeing best results.
We cater to patients from states like, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab, Karnataka. We have a good number of patients from out of India like USA, UK, Australia, Kenya, Tanzania and others. We do both strip method and FUE method for hair transplantation. Our team is hand-picked by our doctor and you are safe in their hands.
Naturally, you more than likely have a lot of questions regarding your hair restoration surgery itself and how it compares in effectiveness to other thinning hair remedies available in the market. Call us with any questions You may have regarding hair restoration or cosmetic surgery.
Our office Staff are available to answer your questions, Book appointments and address any Urgent matter. Hair transplantation is not to be confused with hair replacement, in the way of wigs and hair systems.
Hair replacement involves using synthetic or human hair to temporarily cover a bald spot. Hair replacement systems and hair pieces are adhered to the perimeter of the bald spot using clips, tape, or liquid adhesives, which can cause more problems for delicate hair follicles. Unlike hair replacement systems, hair transplantation surgery is a permanent solution that requires no on-going maintenance. Hair transplantation surgery works to replace or restore one's lost hair and hairline.

Highlights (USP)
  • One Day Care Procedure
  • International Techniques with Indian Price
  • Best of Mch Plastic Surgeon with almot 10+ years of relative experience
  • Zero Side Effects
  • FUE by US FDA approved safe systems
  • GIGA Sessions (>3000 grafts per sitting)
  • Maximum density of Insension
  • Use of Microscope cutting and slivering
  • Use of magnification in other steps
  • Combination of FUE & FUT
  • Trichophytic closure (Scarless Closure)